What are the CoachAI Tech Camps?

One of our stated aims at CoachAI is to work for the benefit of the community. We are leading a DAO project to become a DeFi NFT platform to sponsor Technology Sales Bootcamps for the gifted and underprivileged. The ex-offenders and homeless communities, ages 18-45, will be our initial target “Camper”, expanding to other qualified communities in the future. Our goal is to transform underdogs into Heroes with DeFi, NFTs, gaming and a homegrown commitment to Humanity. Our long term mission is to build the largest global network of Micro Tech Incubators.

World Leader Media Projects (NFT Launches)

  • COACHai part 1: Help Me
    • (dark web sci-fi shero series, supporting technology development in 3rd world countries)
  • Hardball City vol 1: Katrinas’ Baby
    • (drama series supporting natural disaster victims in haiti, new orleans and houston)
  • Butterfly Connection
    • (Film supporting Puerto Rico and young female victims of sex crimes)
  • Women of Change
    • (documentary Series supporting the women in crypto initiative)
  • Kempire
    • (drama series supporting technology development in Africa)
  • Stand Up Kid
    • (inspirational film supporting kids with mental and physical disabilities)
  • Strawman Burning
    • (drama film, supports sovereignty and independence education initiatives)
  • Mamy Mary
    • (mini education series on supporting and establishing your parents legacy in crypto)