Effective marketing is an essential part of any business endeavor. This is no different in the Cryptocurrency space. We believe that we have a winning product and that wide-reaching, accessible marketing will be the key to unlocking the growth potential that we have. As such, our marketing team spends considerable time researching market trends, examining the successes of other projects in the space, and designing campaigns which will serve our goals of creating awareness and educating potential users. At launch, 10,000 CADT tokens were locked and vested in order to provide a steady flow of capital to fund our marketing operations. The marketing lock can be found here: https://dxsale.appxxxx

Note: You must connect your wallet to see the lock.

A small amount of these tokens will be unlocked weekly and spent on marketing campaigns created by our marketing team. At first, we will focus on exposure and educational marketing in order to reach as many potential users as possible. Our focus will gradually shift towards advertising Bonds, Governance, and other events taking place in the project in order to solidify our reputation as a market-leading reserve currency.


There are various signals which will indicate the growth and success of CoachAI:

Market Action

Naturally, the price per CADT token at market will serve as a key surface-level indicator of project sentiment. Rising or stable prices suggest that confidence is high, and that the project is attractive, whilst falling prices would suggest that users are profit-taking or losing confidence.

Total Value Deposited

Total Value Deposited - TVD - is the Dollar Value of all assets staked within the DAO. Similarly to market price, a rising or stable TVD means that more people are staking their CADT tokens than unstaking them.

A falling TVD means that more users are unstaking than staking. This would imply that users may be taking profits, that they believe the price of the CADT token will fall in the future, or that they believe Bonding is more profitable and are moving their assets in to bonds.

Again, it is important to note that a large proportion of users may stake for long-term gains and may not unstake during market dips.

Backing Per CADT

The Backing Per CADT metric is directly correlated with the value of the treasury, which in turn is correlated with bond sales. Therefore it is reasonable to deduce that a rising backing per CADT indicates a growing treasury, and therefore steady bond sales. This is a good signal since bond sales also contribute to high APY rewards and signal growing confidence, since bond buyers make profits when the price per CADT token stays steady or rises.


Runway is the metric by which we measure how long APY distributions can continue at their current rate given the amount of bond sales. An increasing or stable runway period indicates that bond sales are growing with staked value - a good signal.

Conversely, a falling runway could indicate that bond sales cannot keep up with APY rewards. In this case, APY rewards will fall in order to be more sustainable.


APY is the measure of compounding interest per year. It can be slightly more difficult to discern what changing APYs can mean, since APYs are determined by a multitude of factors.

For example, assuming all other factors remain the same, a rising APY could indicate that fewer users are choosing to stake their CADT tokens. This could suggest profit-taking, falling confidence, or more profitable bonding.

As another example, rising APYs could mean that the number of stakers is steady or growing, but that the number of bonders is growing rapidly. This could indicate that bonding is more profitable than staking, or that a sharp price increase of the CADT token is expected.

APY can be a useful signal to indicate the strength of the protocol, but should always be combined with other signals.

  • ​Appendix A - The Equations of the DAO​

  • Appendix B - Useful Links

  • ​CoachAI DAO Website​

  • ​Telegram Channel​

  • ​Discord Server​

  • ​CoachAI DAO Twitter​

  • ​CoachAI DAO YouTube​

  • ​CoachAI DAO Medium​

  • ​CoachAI DAO Linktree​

  • ​CoachAI DAO Documentation​

  • ​CoachAI DAO Snapshot - Community Voting​

  • Appendix C - Hardware Wallets

  • The CADTDAO team recommends the use of a hardware wallet (“cold-wallet”) as it is significantly more secure than a “hot-wallet”. Below are some links to learn more about hardware wallets:

  • ​Coin Bureau - Hardware Wallets - YouTube​

  • ​BitcoinWiki Hardware Wallets Guide​

  • ​Forbes Hardware Wallet Rundown​

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