💵CoachAI Pay

CoachAI Pay is one of the most ambitious goals we have. We aim to create a payment system which will allow users to pay for real-world items using their (DeFi) crypto balance. The ultimate goal of cryptocurrencies in our view is to replace fiat currencies, all with a focus on decentralization.

The benefits of being able to pay with cryptocurrencies are obvious: Extremely low transaction fees; Increased speed; Better security.

Users will also be able to send and receive coins on multiple networks to and from friends and family using a mobile app. The CoachAI Stablecoin will be used for payments with the lowest transaction fees, all of this will leverage the power and speed of the Binance Smart chain.

Since this is one of the most ambitious goals we have, it will take time to develop, and therefore more information will come in due course.

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