🗒️CoachAI Hero Launchpad

CoachAI Hero Launchpad will be an incubator and launchpad for upcoming projects on the Binance Smart Chain being developed by our Bootcamp graduates. We want to continue to support our community of graduates with ongoing development opportunities. As of right now, there is a gap in the market for reliable incubators of this type. Campers become developers and assistant developers, or just great team members. Developers of new projects will be able to leverage the CoachAI campers and audience by offering exclusive whitelist spaces to CADT stakers.

The benefit to the Developers is that they will be able to work with CoachAI Launch to produce a range of materials to aid their launch, as well as to gain access to the CoachAI community and gain a large audience much faster than would otherwise be possible. Developers will also gain access to our Protocol-Owned-Liquidity as a Service offering, allowing them to safely build liquidity for their projects.

The benefit to the community is that being a CADT staker will give them early access to a curated list of upcoming projects launching on the network. They will be able to claim exclusive whitelist spaces by taking part in the incubation phase. There is emphasis on our Sponsor community as they have special interests in the projects that their campers and graduates are engaged in.

The benefit to the entire chain is that we can incubate and support truly innovative projects which helps the campers evolve to Heroes of self-actualization and the Binance Smart Chain grow.

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