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In order to consider an asset a store of value, it must maintain a steady price, or increase in price over time. In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto mined the genesis block of Bitcoin, starting a financial revolution which would meaningfully challenge the status quo. In recent months the voices describing Bitcoin as a store of value have been getting louder, and several major institutions have either bought Bitcoin or are publicly planning to do so. This speculative expectation of buying volume combined with the fact that Bitcoin has not been fully mined yet is increasing the price of Bitcoin over time. This essentially makes Bitcoin a short-term store of value, but there will come a time when the price ceiling of Bitcoin is reached, and price changes which would mitigate inflation will become harder to achieve.

This is where CoachAI Finance (“CoachAI ”) comes in. CoachAI is a decentralized asset-backed reserve currency based on the Binance Smart Chain and a 'spoon' (a fork which innovates beyond being a copy, as well as preferring cooperation over competition) of Olympus. CoachAI is backed by an increasing pool of DAI, USDC, BSC and other assets. As the protocol builds more liquidity and reserves, the backing per CoachAI token (“CADT”) increases, creating a steadily rising price floor at which CADT is backed. This satisfies the requirement of a store of value to have a steady or rising price, meaning that there is a significant opportunity for CADT to become a major player on the Binance Smart Chain. The supply of CADT is dynamic, meaning that a supply-induced price limit can be mitigated, allowing CADT to continue growing.

Whereas with more traditional Cryptocurrencies, the determining factor of value is the price of each token, supply and stake is more important to CoachAI users. CoachAI has a dynamic supply, wherein tokens are minted and awarded to stakers.

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