🌈APY will be paid in the underlying token.

In order to lend crypto tokens, you need to supply liquidity. This is an easy process. Connect your wallet by clicking the "Connect" button at the top right. You will be able to connect with either Metamask, or any wallet which supports WalletConnect.

Click "Connect" at the top right, then use Metamask or WalletConnect to connect your wallet When your wallet is connected, the CoachAI Bank dashboard will show information about your open lending and borrowing positions. This will include your wallet balance, supplied liquidity, borrowed tokens, and APYs. If you have no open positions, or have not used CoachAI Bank before then this will be blank. Navigate to the Supply Markets section below.

NOTE: APYs will vary. The picture above is for illustrative purposes only.

The Supply Markets section will show you a list of the currently accepted liquidity tokens. If you have any of these tokens in your wallet, you can supply them to the network to be lent out and receive APY rewards. Click a token to supply it to the network. If you choose a token you have not yet used, you may be asked to approve it. Click approve and confirm the transaction.

Tokens you haven't used before will need to be approved. Click approve and confirm the transaction. Once approved, you will be able to choose the amount of tokens you want to supply. You will see information on the APY and supply amount you have chosen. When you're ready, click "Supply' and confirm the transaction. Withdrawing If you would like to withdraw the tokens you have supplied, the process is very similar. Navigate to Supply Markets.

Click the token you want to withdraw, then click withdraw in the box that appears.

If you have a balance to withdraw, click withdraw at the bottom of this box and confirm the transaction. NOTE: If you are using tokens as collateral for a loan, you will need to close the loan before withdrawing them.

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