Supplied Assets

A breakdown of all the tokens supplied by all users. Hover over the borrowed value to see the percentage of a given token which has been borrowed.

The Profile Page

The Profile Page gives an overview of your current positions: Supply Balance The total value of the tokens supplied by a user.

Borrow Balance The total value of all tokens borrowed by a user.

Net APY The combined APY of all open supply and borrow positions a user has.

Lending and Withdrawing Before using CoachAI Bank it is recommended that you read our guide on crypto loans and risk management.​

Lending Lending (sometimes called supplying liquidity) is the act of supplying tokens to CoachAI Bank in order for it to lend them to borrowers on your behalf. At launch, users will be able to lend:


Note: wsCADT can only be used as collateral

This list will expand over time.

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