🎯Long-Term Outlooks, Goals, and Signals

CoachAI offers a significant opportunity which must be managed diligently, responsibly, and with a view towards long-term success over short-term gains. This is an integral belief of the development team and one which we will always respect.

There are four main factors which will determine the success of CoachAI :

Bond Sales

A major focus is being placed upon analyzing the economics of our bonding mechanisms in order to offer the best possible bonds without compromising the integrity of the protocol. Additionally, marketing materials are always being created and updated to advertise and explain bonding to, and educate, those who are interested but wish to learn more. We anticipate that once our marketing operation reaches a critical mass, bond sales will rapidly increase and the associated APY increase will lead to positive market action.

Community Engagement

One of the most powerful parts of CoachAI is the community that supports it. One of the first things a potential user will notice about a project is how the development team interacts with the community, and how the community responds to the development team. It is a priority of the CoachAI Team to ensure that we are always open, responsive, honest, and knowledgeable.

The CoachAI Team is very much aware of this and will be creating bespoke campaigns to encourage, reward, and celebrate community members and groups who go above and beyond to be helpful, positive, and insightful. The first step in this programme is the “OG” campaign in the discord server - the most diligent members are awarded a tag which lets new members know they can be trusted. Additionally, we plan to run competitions where users can win unique prizes to commemorate the journey we are all sharing.


Projects thrive when they utilize partnerships to grow symbiotically. It is no secret that partnerships with other organizations can bring demand, liquidity, volume and influence. This is why CoachAI plans to produce many strong relationships with other organizations in the industry.

Our first partnership has been secured with PancakeSwap, an incentivised AMM on the Binance Smart chain, offering some of the best farms in the DeFi space. We have a good relationship with PancakeSwap and have opened a BUSD-CADT Liquidity Pool on their platform.

Partnership areas we are currently focused on:

Offering bonds of other projects

The Cryptocurrency space thrives when teams cooperate for the good of all users. We will be regularly exploring the prospect of partnerships with other projects in order to offer unique, fruitful products to users.

Further strengthening our relationship with

PancakeSwap is the main DEx where CADT is traded. Our relationship with PancakeSwap is strong, and we remain in regular contact with our contacts there in order to foster greater partnership for the future.

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