🖇️Bonds and Staking - Hyperstaking

Traditionally, users would need to choose between Staking and Bonding. Usually their decision would depend upon which product offers the best ROI at the time of purchase. We call this 3,3 since in game theory, Staking would be the optimal outcome for all participants. We have decided to take this further. In the coming weeks, we will be testing and deploying 4,4 Bonds. We will call this hyperstaking. Whereas before, bonds would be rewarded in CADT, in the 4,4, system they will be rewarded in sCADT, meaning that your Bond rewards will compound as if they were staked, even before they are claimed. This will increase the profitability of bonding, and help maintain high APY rewards. This will also help set us apart from other projects as an innovator.

CoachAI as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization

CoachAI is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (“DAO”). This means CoachAI is governed in a decentralized manner. We do this because we want to become community-run by allowing community members (sCADT holders) to vote on proposals that guide the future of the CoachAI project. Inclusion is the key word: we are creating an environment that values and makes use of initiatives brought forward by the community. Proposals can, for example, direct developments, rewards, choices for the introduction of (new) bonds, team members, or marketing strategies.

Decisions will be made via snapshot, using sCADT as a voting token. At our Snapshot page, holders of sCADT can vote on proposals brought forward by the leadership team, or bring their own proposals to a vote. CoachAI 's ambitions can only be reached with the help of each member of the community.

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