👥The Team

Innovation lies at the center of our core philosophy as a team. As a result, through years of blockchain experience, decades of coding experience, we believe we have the perfect balance of skill in order to execute a project that can produce use cases and utility over for the long-term benefit of all participants. Our skills span across blockchain development, business development, business partnership development, social media, public relations, marketing, strategic business analysis, graphic design, branding and much more.

Our team is geographically diverse. We firmly believe that this gives us a competitive advantage as we have developers and core team members online 24/7. As a result, we have individuals working around the clock to improve the product of CoachAI , producing an improved experience for users. Our diversity also allows us to access multiple markets in a more meaningful way owing to our contacts and cultural experience of said markets.

The CoachAI Team currently consists of 8 core members: 6 from EU, 1 from China and 1 from Australia.

  1. BmegaCoachTroy, Lead Developer

  2. Majeda, Co-Developer

  3. Hamza, Project manager

  4. Maurice, Asset manager

  5. Shannon, Finance

  6. Michael, Finance

  7. Mija, Community Management

  8. Michelle, Partnerships / External Relations

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