๐Ÿ“ชRubic Exchange

Rubic is a Multi-chain Swap Protocol which allows you to swap any of 10,000 tokens across Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, Avalanche, MoonRiver and Fantom. CoachAI DAO will be announcing our partnership with Rubic Exchange

Ensure you have a wallet which supports the Binance Smart Chain Network. We recommend MetaMask.

Enable the Binance Smart Chain in your Metamask Wallet using this guide.

  1. Visit Rubic Exchangeโ€‹

  2. Connect your wallet

  3. Click "Select Token" in the swap interface

  4. Choose the network and token you want to swap from

  5. Click swap

Swapping directly to CADT will mitigate the immediate need for BNB to cover transaction fees. Make sure you swap a small amount of tokens to BNB on the Binance Smart Chain in order to be able to pay for transactions such as staking.


Pancakeswap.finance is the largest decentralized exchange. It's also on Binance Smart chain. CoachAI Finance announced our partnership with pancakeswap.finance on Sept 1st, 2022.

What you'll need:

One of the following non-custodial wallets:


Coinbase Wallet

A wallet which supports Wallet Connect and the Binance Smart Chain

Make sure you configure your wallet for the Binance Smart Chain

Swap at a DEX

There are multiple exchanges which support the CADT token on the Binance Smart Chain:

BiSwap, Apeswap and BakerySwap are also DEXโ€™s on the Binance Smart Chain. They are just like PancakeSwap, UniSwap, or TraderJoe.

Congratulations! You now have your CADT tokens and can stake with us at https://app.CoachAI.finance/#/stakeโ€‹[1]

More information on staking can be found here.

Link the staking app page

For Binance (BNB) and BSC Users

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the native chain of the Binance platform. The most common decentralised exchange on the BSC is PancakeSwap. There are multiple common ways to bridge tokens to the Binance Smart chain. This guide will assume that you have tokens on the BSC.

Setting up a wallet on the Binance Smart network

In our experience, Metamask is the most convenient wallet to use on Binance Smart, so this guide will use Metamask as an example. There are other wallets available, and the instructions and uses of those wallets will be extremely similar to Metamask.

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