🔮What is the aim of CoachAI Finance?

There are three main aims of CoachAI Finance:

To build the largest global network of mini tech incubators for the gifted and underprivileged. Seeking out all donors globally to contribute to our model. Creating inclusion within the non-profit communities by allowing multiple non-profits to participate in CoachAI Pro, our Donation Bonds as a service model. This will allow partnering Nonprofits to receive donations from their regular annual donors, receive and issue the same traditional financial benefits, while additionally receiving the DeFi benefits of Staked CADT tokens in the CoachAI treasury.

We are converting traditional finance models of humanitarian efforts into multi-layered benefits economies that scale over time with passive and residual benefits to all. This model is a testament of the power of human ingenuity and decentralized finance.

To become a major humanitarian and financial hub in the Binance and Fantom space.

CoachAI Finance will position itself as a financial center to facilitate a multitude of use cases within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. We want to make it as easy, efficient, and fast as possible to manage your portfolio of assets, lend/borrow, earn interest on staking, bridge between chains, launch new projects, and much more.

To aid the growth of the Binance Smart Chain and the Fantom Opera network by producing high quality products and providing value.

We love the Binance Smart Chain for its ease of use and market positioning. We also love Fantom's functionality, low fees and speed. We are also big believers in multichain bridging. So we are creating a dual chain environment. Giving users multiple routes into the ecosystem, as well as a low cost management system to actively grow your portfolio. We think the Binance Smart Chain and the Fantom ecosystem both present significant opportunities for growth, and we want to help that happen. To provide long-term value to our participants who have placed a great deal of trust into the project and team. This is something that we will not take for granted. Every decision we make is made with long-term growth in mind. It is our mission to create something which can provide stable growth and bring out the very best that the Binance Smart Chain has to offer.

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