๐ŸŒ€NFT Staking

Sponsors and NFT creators will be able to mint their NFTs through the CoachAI Ecosystem and manage/build a portfolio of NFT assets. A small portion of royalties from NFT sales will be used to buy CADT tokens and distribute them to NFT holders. CoachAI NFT projects will be passive income NFTs. The incentive for NFT creators will be that we have the resources to advertise their NFTs and generate sales. The incentive for buyers is that they make money just from holding the NFTs listed on the CoachAI ecosystem and related exchanges. This allows us to work with the best NFT creators to offer exclusive collections to the community and develop our Camper community skills and network in the open market.

Some eagle-eyed users may also have spotted the NFTs that we have occasionally shown off. For those who havenโ€™t seen that yet, hereโ€™s one of many that will be revealed soon:

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