🔐The Security of CoachAI Finance

In the light of crypto related scams, our team set out to provide a comfortable experience for our users. As a result, we are implementing security measures which can fundamentally mitigate the risk of security threats from both internal and external forces. We have five main security measures:

  • Multisignature Authentication

  • Website Security

  • Audits

  • Locked LP

  • Locked marketing/development funds

  • KYC

A Multisignature Authentication System, or multi-sig for short, is a signature process where any development execution needs the consent of multiple people. This prevents individuals from altering contract parameters without the consensus of a trusted board. This can also prevent backdoor loophole attacks, and provides a vote-based system to ensure collective consent. We implemented Multisignature Authentication (multi-sig) on the contracts with Gnosis Safe. Multi-sig customizes how CoachAI ’s assets and contracts are protected. Now a predefined number of signatures is required to confirm the most important transactions. This helps prevent unauthorized access.

The Treasury contract and the DAO Funds Wallet are protected with a 5/7 multi-sig procedure. This means that for every transaction or contract change, at least 5 team members and advisors need to sign the transaction. Community members will eventually be included in the signatory list.

Additionally, all bonds and staking contracts are protected with a 3/6 multi-sig procedure

Website Security - Our website developer has implemented extra Cloudflare protection against DDOS, and other external threats to both our webpage and DAPP.

Audits - Although CoachAI DAO is a spoon of OHM, and OHM contracts have been audited twice, we understand the demand from our community to provide an audit on CoachAI specific contracts. We plan to schedule an audit into this once we finish deploying fundamental features.

Locked Funds CoachAI DAO’s liquidity is locked via DxSale: xxxxxxxx

Note: You must connect your wallet to see the lock.

80% of our marketing and development funds are locked for a 10 week vesting period. This means we can slowly gain more marketing funds without controlling an unfair supply of the tokens at any given time: https://dxsale.appxxxxx

Note: You must connect your wallet to see the lock.

KYC - CoachAI has been KYC audited as of Nov 19th 2021 by Assure KYC.

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