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CoachAI NFT structure is our unique model which truly serves as the bond between our Sponsors and Campers. We have been secretly developing this model for many months. Now is the time to start revealing more information. We have a few main aims for CoachAI NFT Launch:

CoachAI DeFi Gaming - GameFi - 2 current projects:

  1. HardBall City League, a sports metaverse theme,

  2. Coach Alien Hunters, an urban Sci-Fi metaverse theme.

DeFi gaming will allow users to earn rewards by playing (P2P). The game will use the NFTs minted per game or team and will expand over time. Revenues generated by the game will support the expansion of not only the game, but the CoachAI Ecosystem in general.

Tiered NFT Model (asset stack)

Grade A NFTs (Geo-Registered Units on the blockchain property index records)

A1: Property Bonds - 2 Properties (currently establishing the Beta and duplication model). 10K Collection, each property.

A2: Unit Bonds - 40 Units, exist within the properties - each suite is a Camper Unit. 1k Collection each unit.

A3: Humanity Bonds - 6 month sponsorship for the selected Camper occupant to each Unit.

A4: Hero Bonds - 18 month Sponsorship to the CoachAI Incubator Program. Where they take their evolution to the next level of self-expression and technological innovation. Facilitated at open market, commercial institutions, but retaining the creative freedom true to CoachAI.

Grade B NFTs: Projects the Campers engage in, mentioned above, providing:

  • On The Job Training

  • $ for paid tasks and commission sales, and

  • Long Term equity stakes in those projects (wealth).

  • Grade B NFTs are linked to Grade A NFTs.

AB portfolio mix:

Gamifies the Sponsor role and incentivizes them to continue to support their campers and their interests as well as the project as a whole. For Example, Sponsors may support the community in a variety of ways: purchasing Donation Bonds, staking in the CoachAI Treasury, receiving rebase rewards and simply allowing the accompanying NFT stakes to go to the general pool. The General pool stakes are voted on by our community to determine how the portfolio mix of NFT stakes will be allocated. However, our NFT Marketplace encourages the Sponsor to establish a Sponsor profile and review the Camper profiles who have qualified for sponsorship. Get to know them and their interests, so the sponsor can follow the camper in their journey and continue to support the projects the camper is working on, The Property or Unit the camper resides, completion of the camp, and eventually the graduation to Hero at the Incubator Program.

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