❓Why CoachAI ?

Obviously Olympus (“OHM”) remains the blueprint that all of its forks are based upon. DeFi 2.0 is the foundation of the CoachAI protocol and as an OHM spoon, the core applications of our protocol at launch are Bonds, Staking, and the DAO. CoachAI is an Algorithmic Currency Protocol, but will be developed into an entire Ecosystem which will consist of various innovative developments and applications that will set it aside from its competitors. Examples include 4,4 hyperstaking, CoachAI Lending and Borrowing, CoachAI PRO, CoachAI BRIDGE, CoachAI LAUNCH, and an NFT drop. More information on our development plans can be found in our Roadmap.

Why did we choose Binance Smart Chain AND Fantom? In our opinion, Binance Smart Chain and Fantom are both superior Layer-1 Blockchain, especially for DeFi. We expect Binance Smart chain to gain more traction over the coming months and years and gradually extend its userbase/community.

Binance Smart chain is the most widely known and has the most users due to its derivative relationship to Binance Exchange, the largest crypto exchange in the world. It's One of the fastest blockchain network and is always being upgraded. BSC is easily accessible for even new participants in Defi. However Fantom is the fastest blockchain and most cost effective. Transactions are confirmed in 1–2 seconds - far faster than other blockchain solutions. Additionally, transactions on Fantom blockchain cost a fraction of a cent. With its speed and low transaction costs, Fantom is leading the way in the industry. However, it is currently still challenging for new users to onboard. This is the primary reason we chose to create a dual blockchain environment. BSC for easy access onboarding and Fantom for ongoing portfolio management. Also providing multiple points of entry into the ecosystem.

Binance Smart chain and Fantom are both widely considered to be highly secure. Unlike layer-2 sidechains, Fantom is not dependent on the parent blockchain for security. Fantom is a layer-1 blockchain and thus, has a native security protocol. The blockchain is incredibly developer-friendly. Oth BSC and Fantom are fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This means that BSC and Fantom both support all smart contract languages that are compatible with the Ethereum blockchain (Solidity and Vyper).

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