๐Ÿง‡Tiered NFT Model (asset stack)

Grade A NFTs (geo-registered on the blockchain as a property index record)

The Properties - 2 (currently)

The Units within the properties - each bed is a camper unit.

The Client/Camper Profile/Occupants of those units.

Grade B NFTs:

Projects the Campers engage in. Current Project:

  1. Hardball City League NFTs

  2. Coach Alien Hunter NFTs

  3. Xolo Gods NFTs

Campers Gain the following Benefits:

  • OJT-on the job training

  • $ for paid tasks and

  • Long term equity stakes in those projects (wealth).

  • Grade B NFTs are tied to Grade A NFTs, therefore, sponsors are following their campers portfolio and progress and can continue to invest. Creating (PIs) Performance Incentives. Which adds value to the campers portfolio bonus and the CoachAI treasury.

AB portfolio mix:

Gamifies the Sponsor role and incentivizes them to continue to support their campers and their interests as well as the project as a whole.

Donation Bonds: Donation Bonds are hybrid instruments with several layers.

  1. receipts issued to sponsors in exchange for target assets.

  2. Receipts will be issued by our non-profit or a partner (US)501c3 Non-Profit Corp. International partners coming soon.

  3. CADT backed by the treasury assets.

  4. CADT will autostake upon issue of Donation Bond, Sponsor will recieve sCADT(staked CADT)

Stablecoins like USDT and USDC have become an integral part of the Crypto space. We use them to store non-volatile value, allowing us to maintain the same amount of purchasing power from day to day. Unfortunately, this isnโ€™t actually how the US Dollar works. The Federal Reserve controls the minting of US Dollars, and itโ€™s fiscal policies have consistently led to the depreciation of its currency. This means that a Dollar today is worth more than a Dollar tomorrow.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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